Hillary Clinton continues to whip up a storm protesting North Korea’s satellite launch

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton loves to beat a dead horse to death: whipping up a dust storm of words protesting the imminent launch of a satellite by North Korea as part and parcel of the 100 birthday of its founder Kim Il Sung, her blasts of hot air has as much effect as raising the dead.


Even an old Cold War warrior like Donald Kirk who is no friend of the DPRK has acknowledged that Washington campaign to punish North Korea for this act is more akin to words of ‘Macbeth’–‘a tale..full of sound and fury, signifying nothing’.

North Korea will put Unha-3 into orbit; the US & co. will remain red in the face and impotent. Sanctions wont work; North Korea is so heavily mortgaged in sanctions that any more will be meaningless.

Short of war, the US has no other option than engaging the DPRK in negotiations. An option, Clinton is loathe to entertain honestly. And so, the carousel of sterile policy towards North Korea goes round and round and round, provoking vertigo and unintelligibility among the US North Korea clerisy.

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