South Korea goes to the polls in the midst of Lee Myung bek’s ‘Watergate’

Today, 11 April 2012, South Korea votes in a new parliament in an atmosphere shrouded in deep government scandal.

Newspapers are calling it South Korea’s ‘Watergate’ for it dirty tricks, secretly spying on the opposition, and the like–tactics reminiscent of Nixon’s plumbers.

Already president Lee Myung bak has publicly apologised for his government’s crimes and misdemeanors, but his apology may not be enough to stay the growing scandal.

South Korea’ s presidential elections are held separately from renewing seats in its parliament. So, if it turns out that Lee is indicted, his fall from power will reverberate even into the West Wing of the White House.

As GuamDiary pointed out, as an act of desperation, Lee’s national security apparatus has leaked information of North Korea’s preparing yet another nuclear test; an assertion without proof other than satellite photos which can mean anything. Obviously, it’s a ‘Hail Mary pass’ to deny the opposition the victory at the urns, so many polls and observers are predicting.

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