John Isaacs trips up Obama administration’s war of words with North Korea

John Isaacs, executive director, Centre for Arms Control and Non Proliferation appeared on the US National Broadcasting Systems’ ‘Nightly News Hour’.

Interviewed by Judy Woodruff, Isaacs poured cold war on the Obama administration war of words concerning North Korea’s launch of a satellite.

Pushed by Woodruff to state that North Korea had the capability to send a long range missile armed with a nuclear warhead, Isaacs demurred.

In fact, he pooh poohed the idea that North Korea had advanced to that stage. [In a way, he was repeating what Washington’s analysts had been saying in their assessments of Iran’s nuclear program–no weapons thank you very much!]

Isaacs did not shy away from pointing out the many ‘ifs’ of Woodruff’s dull, uninspiring questioning. On the other hand, he did say that he thought that by sending a satellite into orbit, the DPRK was paying homage to its founder Kim Il Sung.

His words were a breath of common sense and fresh air. He even debunked the train of Woodruff’s logic: bombing the launch site, a mug’s game which, as GuamDiary pointed out, the Asia Society’s Scott Synder embraced.

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