Window on North Korea

North Korea has opened a little wider a window on the DPRK. The launch of a satellite during the massive festivities honouring the 100 birthday of founder Kim Il Sung has much to do with that opening.

North Korea

Foreign journalists have visited the launch site at Tongchang ri on North Korea’s west coast; they have seen the control centre outside Pyongyang, that will monitor the lifting of the missile carrying the satellite; and more importantly, they are witnesses to the changing of the old guard as North Korea’s youthful leader Kim Jung eun assumes wider powers.

Taken together, these reporters have a bird’s eye view, which, alas, the coverage in the media do not reflect. In fact, the reporting is anemic so far, notwithstanding North Korea’s control of the news.

Subject to pressure from home governments, the accounts in the world press do not break new ground, alas.

The public deserves better: North Korea is evolving and the stories filed from Pyongyang by the foreign press hew to  hidden agendas and established ideological lines. The public deserves better since it is constantly being told that North Korea threatens world peace without much more explanation than that.

And of course, the fact that the US and South Korea are technically at war with North Korea and China since 1950 simply is lost in all the breast beating and tom tom tomming of the drums of war.

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