Kim Jong eun speaks

Kim Jong eun spoke at a mass rally in honour of his grandfather Kim Il Sung 100 birthday.

He has a pleasant, youthful voice. Observers were quick to pounce on his words of the young Kim’s first political utterances. The BBC’s Lucy Williamson in Seoul sort of summed up the media’s common wisdom: same old, same old, in reaction to his maiden speech .

And was Kim’s pronouncement a simple regurgitation of slogans of years gone by? On one hand, yes, as he unveiled the prototype of a new long range missile; he stressed the continuation of his father Kim Jong il’s military first policy, and heaped scorn on the international community’s blanket condemnation of North Korea’s failure to launch Unha 3 into orbit.

On the other hand, he promised his people that soon they can loosen a tight belt regimen, and it seems, his words tilted in favour of unspoken economic reforms.

As an ‘untried’ heir to leadership, we can expect to hear more of Kim Jong eun speaking in public. A departure from the sphinx like silence of his father, he is, in a way, breaking new ground; yet, listening to his foreign critics, you wouldn’t think so.

Of course North Korea analysts will pore over every syllable of Kim’s 20 minute speech. Maybe they will glimpse something public commentators missed.

A reading of the DPRK’s long history would tell them that the new ‘Dear Leader’ is marching in step with Kim Il Sung’s 80 year revolutionary struggle to free Korea from foreign occupation, oppression, and unwanted interference in its internal affairs.

It is not a gratuitous remark of his to point out that North Korea is a member of the nuclear club and the imperialists no longer monopolise military technology, nor can they continue to threaten or blackmail North Korea into submission.

In a word, the DPRK has stood up and taken its own future into its own hands.

So, GuamDairy suggests that its followers should continue to look for slow, but sure change in North Korea, and more to the point, figure out the agenda of the US, South Korea, and the media in general in chanting the same old hymns to the choir of their followers.

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