Why does the world have to believe the US when it says that North Korea’s satellite launch has really a military mission?

A reader of ‘GuamDiary’ has raised the following question: why do we have to believe the Obama administration when it asserts that North Korea’s failed Unha 3 launch of a satellite had a military purpose?

We don’t. As many commentators–American and foreign–have observed that a long range missile has a peaceful purpose, not exclusively a military one.

The US has tried the same sleight of hand in the case of Iran’s nuclear programme, which Teheran says is for peaceful use.

More to the point, the technologies involved have a dual potential. Consider Israel’s development of laser technology: it has a lethal, military potential, as well as curative medical advantages.

And we should never lose sight of how deceitful the US has been in Iraq. The Bush administration went to war against Saddam Hussein on false pretenses; it sacrifices lives–American and Iraqi–looking for weapons of mass destruction that did not exist.

In consequent, when the US says that things are black and white, we should judge them on our own, and not accept America’s judgment as gospel truth. For to Washington, things might be sharply clear, but in reality they may be blurry and difficult to make out as the truth as Washington claims it to be.

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