US’ crown knocked off at hemispheric conference in Colombia

The US with Canada by its side has had its crown knocked off at the hemispheric conference in Cartagena, Colombia.

The Obama administration stuck by its guns to not open the doors to the next conference to its nemesis Cuba. Backed up by mainly English speaking Canada, the US supported Britain’s claim to the Falklands, as well as not ceding an inch on America’s war on drugs.

As things stand now, the Cartagena meeting is the last of hemispheric meetings, excluding Cuba.

It is more than a Cuba si! Yanqui no! It is the loosening of America’s influence in Central and South America, and allowing the Spanish speaking republics, Brazil, and the English speaking Antilles to map out more advantageous policies that benefit them and their people, and perhaps will be less amenable to Washington’s threats and arm twisting.

America’s inflexibility in foreign affairs is yet another sign of its relative decline in power.

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