US’ hellish ‘No Exit’ North Korea policy

US’ North Korea policy is a diplomatic, economic, and military version of Jean Paul Sartre’s ‘No Exit’.

On the level of rhetoric, the Obama administration may take cold comfort in belling the Pyongyang cat, but, on the level of reality, it has shot itself in the foot.

By forcing through the UN Security Council a condemnation of the DPRK failed rocket launch, the US finds itself back into a hell of his own making.

North Korea retaliated, as GuamDiary noted. Gone is the commitment to suspend its nuclear programme, allowing IAEA monitors to return, and put a hold on long range missile tests. Gone, too, any chance of reconvening six party talks in Beijing.

And then, horror of horrors, Washington and Seoul are holding their breath expecting yet another North Korean underground nuclear test!

Yet, the US North Korea clerisy that advises Washington is smiling like the Cheshire cat. Why? Almost to a man and a woman, they are betting on the DPRK’s collapse through economic mismanagement and political ineptitude. A ‘hostile’ North Korea is a guarantee that this band of ‘experts’ will continue to draw huge salaries, wear titles on shoddy sleeves, and spread misleading advice and suspect analysis.

Satisfied in the fires of its own hell, the US is ‘hocking’ its North Korea policy to continues pain and frustration. Mao did call mighty America a ‘paper tiger’, and ‘paper tiger’ it is. As a nuclear power, North Korea is in the cat bird’s seat: like the big bad wolf, the US can only huff and puff but won’t blow down the DPRK’s house; it did after all from George W. Bush’s stupidity precipitate North Korea’s testing of a nuclear device.

As long as the US resists negotiating with Pyongyang, the ‘No Exit’ hell of its own making will go on and on and on and on….

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