India’s 5000 km long range missile test

India has successfully launched Agni V a long range intercontinental ballistic missile able to carry a nuclear warhead photo

India has successfully tested a long range missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead 5000 km.

Its range can reach as far as Europe or Beijing and Shanghai. The implications of regional instability are easy enough to read: the Sino Indian rivalry will therefore become sharper as military budgets will continue to swell.

New Delhi, thus, joins the small club of ICBMs, made up of the US, UK, France, Russia, and Israel.

And yet, the US has hardly breathed a word of protest. Why? India is a friend. Washington has given it a pass for not signing the Nuclear Non proliferation treaty. After decades of cold relations, New Delhi is Washington’s friend as it liberalises its state controlled economy for US corporations, buys millions in American armaments, remains a countervailing weight against a failing Pakistan, and, of course, a rival to China.

You would think, wouldn’t you, that the US would show as much concern over the Indian subcontinent’s potential instability and ratcheting up of Indian’s nuclear weapon arsenal as the Obama administration did about North Korea?

Think again. India’s long range missile with nuclear warheads serves US plans in the Great Game it is playing with China and Russia for dominance in central and south Asia.

Yes friends, it is an old case of double standards…of Realpolitik.

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