The Hypocrisy of it all: South Korea deploys a medium range rocket a week after it condemned North Korea’s failed satellite launch

Within the last 48 hours two US allies–India and South Korea– have successfully launched missiles.

For the last six weeks, the Obama administration and the Lee Myung bak regime in Seoul loudly banged pots and pans as a means to protest North Korea’s peaceful satellite launch on a long range missile during 100 birthday celebrations of DPRK founder Kim Il Sung’s centenary.

The joy in Washington and Seoul echoed to high D flats when Pyongyang announced the rocket lift failed. Each capitol broadcast that Pyongyang’s satellite was a subterfuge for testing a military long range missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. A charge that North Korea steadfastly rejected.

Now, South Korea has launched a medium range rocket in its Hyunmoo series, with a range of 800 to 2399 km [500 to 1499 miles]. The ROK missile range is 1720 km [950 miles], and Pyongyang is within its reach.

South Korea says that its test is a warning to the North to not try anything it cannot handle.

The Lee Myung bak regime, backed by the US, is up to its old mischief of stirring up trouble and further heightening tensions in a divided Korean peninsula already overloaded with sensitive tripwires.

Of course, Washington and Seoul pooh pooh the apparent hypocrisy of Hyunmoo’s deployment. They deny Pyongyang the right to send up a satellite broadcasting ‘The Song of Marshal Kim Il Sung’ and ‘Happy Birthday’, whilst they engage in the game of war mongering.

Need we say more?

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