Will the US secretly fund Park Geun hye’s bid for South Korea’s Blue House in upcoming presidential elections?

Park Geun hye’s the daughter of the assassinated South Korean dictator Park Chung hee.

In the recent parliamentary elections, as chairwoman of the New Frontier Party, who revamped the corrupt-ridden Grand National Party of president Lee Myung bak,  she managed to barely maintain the conservative party’s majority in parliament.

South Korea has undergone a spell of nostalgia of the long gone days of Park Chung hee. Once banished to South Korea’s hell, the former dictator is the object of endless commentary, articles, and door stop books.

Revisionist history puts him on a pedestal; it would not be an exaggeration to say Park wears the aureole of the creator of the Republic of Korea. Seemingly forgotten are the years of his ‘Yushin’ constitution, of torture and murder of his opponents, and the failed abduction and assassination of his nemesis Kim Dae Jung.

Today the spotlight is on his daughter Park Geun hye who is going to run for president of South Korea in the forthcoming elections in November 2012.

Mme. Park is beginning to get full coverage in the US press. Martin Fackler’s piece on her in the Saturday 21 April 2012 edition of the ‘New York Times’, is a case in point.

For the Obama administration or any US administration, Park is the candidate of choice: she may modify Lee’s hard line, pro business policies but won’t prove disruptive of America’s ‘rollback’ of North Korea.

Swept under the rug by the US Korean clerisy is the sorry history of Park Chung hee’s attempt to pervert the American constitution through bribery of US elected members of Congress–known in shorthand parlance as ‘Koreagate’.

The US’ open hostility towards Park, it is fair to assume, ultimately led to his murder by his generals in October 1979.

Now, America’s money is on Park Geun hye. And judging by US interference in the elections of its allies, it is not a leap of faith to posit that already the money is flowing in to assure her election as president this year.

Interesting to note is that her opponent is another woman Park Sun sook, chair of the Democratic Union Party. Fat chance that the ‘NYT’ would devote as much space to her as it did for Park?

The DUP is willing to revive, in modified form, Kim Dae Jung’s ‘Sunshine Policy’ towards North Korea. An opening that makes US North Korea clerisy foam at the mouth.

In fairness, it is worth noting that Park did go to Pyongyang and did meet with Kim Jong il. Photo ops notwithstanding, nothing further came of this trip; in fact that trip might have turned the GNP to support Lee for president in 2008.

We expect more puff pieces about Park in the US media.

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