Kim Jong eun spent 10 years in Switzerland, a Swiss paper reports

God bless ‘Agence France Presse’, it reported that the Swiss paper ‘Le Matin Dimanche’ [22 April edition] carried a story that North Korea’s young leader Kim Jong eun ‘stayed in Switzerland between late 1991 and early 2001’.

LMD cited documents obtained from Confederation Helvetique archives, as proof.

The US North Korean clerisy has tended to disparagingly treat Kim Jong eun as ‘the kid’.

Although he may not be so new to the levers of power with the DPRK, he is certainly more aware of what’s going on in the larger world. Certainly, he speaks or has a good working knowledge of English, French, and German, and perhaps an acquaintance with Italian, but the latter is hard to prove.

Has he the command of Japanese, Chinese, and Russian his grandfather had or his father for that matter?

The Sunday Swiss paper’s item casts a more interesting light on the talent and abilities of North Korea’s new leader.

To mockingly refer to him as ‘the kid’, shows us that US North Korea watchers are imprisoned in a provincialism of their own making, and reveals why and how US North Korea policy remains in an American version of Sartre’s ‘No Exit’.

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