South Korea’s rocket launch heats up tensions in the divided Korean peninsula

The DPRK has reacted sharply to South Korea’s deployment of its Hyonmoo middle range rocket, capable of reaching Pyongyang and even China and Russia’s Far East.

The Lee Myung bak’s regime’s decision to go ahead with its rocket launch had a military purpose. It was another link in the chain of provoking North Korea at any cost, including initiating war. [Lee’s adventurism almost ignited the long dormant Korean War in late November 2010 when its shells feel into North Korean waters; Pyongyang riposted by shelling Seoul’s military forward post on Yeonpyeong island close to DPRK waters, during a joint ROK US military exercise with live fire. South Korea withdrew under US pressure lest a war broke out, to Seoul great irritation.]

The press reports on North Korea’s warning is symptomatic of its ‘tactic silences’ on covering the DPRK from Seoul.

The BBC’s reporter in Seoul Lucy Williamson’s coverage is a case in point. Nowhere did she state that Pyongyang was responding in words to South Korea’s rocket test three days ago.

Instead she twisted logic into a pretzel shape suggesting Pyongyang might be trying to influence South Korea’s presidential elections …. six months away. Or perhaps North Korea, like a disappointed child, was having another temper tantrum owing to its failed Unha 3 satellite launch. Or, and this is an overplayed explanation yea these 60 odd years, Kim Jong eun was displaying the DPRK’s irrational behaviour which non North Koreans can read nor understand, and in a ‘langue de bois’ which renders such warnings laughable.

Eyewash. Kim Jong eun & co. were telling the Lee regime in Seoul to not go down the path of military adventurism. For, South Korea will live to regret it.

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