Panetta warns North Korea on nuclear test

US secretary of defense Leon Panetta issued an empty warning to North Korea on a suspected nuclear test.

Rumour has had it days before the failed launching of Unha 3 by North Korea, Pyongyang was preparing to test another nuclear device, according to LanSat photos and ‘unnamed sources’.

BBC’s Lucy Williamson broadcast from Seoul yesterday heaped ‘suspected intelligence analysis’, unnamed sources, or we’re given to believe to send the blood pressure upon on the DPRK’s awaited underground nuclear blast on its west coast.

Panetta’s pronouncement is a futile exercise. The US is in no position to change Kim Jung eun’s government’s mind if they going to go through with a nuclear test.

He can take comfort in the notion that he, for propaganda purposes, had given it one for the Gipper, yet failed.

You’ve got to give it to the Obama administration for its repeated banging its head against a brick wall when it takes on North Korea.

Rather than sitting down and engaging its ‘enemy’ or ‘nemesis’, Washington persists in campaigns that end in a whimper, not the big bang it has wanted.

And a big bang it will have if North Korea carries out its underground nuclear test. And where does that leave the US, but with egg on its face?

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