Rising vocal protest in Malaysia rocks the authoritarian UNMO regime

Najib Razak is the son of the second prime minister of Malaysia Tun Abdul Razak.

As current prime minister Razak has through skillful gerrymandering of the electoral process, reinforced Malaysia’s authoritarian ‘democracy’ under the leadership of the United Malays National Organisation, under the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition government with Chinese and Indian political parties.

This comfortable arrangement goes back to the coup d’état orchestrated by the elder Razak during and after the racial riots of 13 May 1969, to eliminate the Chinese from the centre of political power and decision making.

The elder Razak instituted a ‘gentler’ form of racial apartheid which discriminated against the Chinese and Indian Malaysians in favour of the rural Muslims. And it is this system that is now falling apart almost a half century later as modern Malaysia has outgrown the restraints of past intolerance and apartheid.

Malaysia is awash in petrol dollars but little of it goes to most Malaysians. The use of Bahasa Malay means that the Malay elite speak English as do the children of the discriminated Chinese and Indians who operate comfortably in the modern global economy.

Thus the rub…and the need to scrap the old system in favour of a ‘peristrioka’ which Razak & the UNMO are fighting so that they will hold power in their hands.

But time has overtaken them, and in the end, the authoritarian regime will crush them in its collapse.

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