Rupert Murdoch step down!

Rupert Murdoch’s cat and mouse testimony at the British Leveson inquiry on ‘bribing’ UK leaders is a case of lawyerly coaching by his American attorneys, especially the wily Joe Klein.

Murdoch heads a $60 billion empire: his philosophy can best be summed up as ‘take no prisoners’. Denying he knew nothing of the phone hacking scandal and buying influence, he has shown that he wont assume responsibility, as chief cook and bottle washers, for the actions of his subordinates who followed his orders and held true to his keen business and journalistic practices.


In fact, he has thrown his once heir presumptive son James to the wolves. The younger Murdoch testimony led to the immediate resignation of a Conservative cabinet member Jeremy Hunt, who put his weight behind the Murdoch empire’s purchase of the majority shares of SkyBSky.

The elder Murdoch won’t step down though he should. Ultimately, stockholders will force his hand.

Rupert Murdoch has his eye on on going investigations in the US, looking into violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which outlaws bribery of foreign officials. Charges brought against the Murdoch empire will send stock prices sharply downwards, involving years of costly legal battles, and ruin an old man’s reputation as well as the loss of his legacy to his heirs.

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