Bill Keller weighs in on rolling back North Korea

‘New York Times’ blowhard Bill Keller has weighed in on the US North Korea policy debate. He throws his admitted ignorance fully on the side of the hard liners among the US North Korea clerisy.

North Korea has not a sparkling human rights policy, yet successive US administrations policy aiming to ‘rollback’ the DPRK to the point of collapse or capitulation has spectacularly failed. The leading lights among Bush 43’s crowd went so far as to facilitate Pyongyang’s testing a nuclear device, owing to ideological stupidity and arrogance. And boy, only then did Bush fils & co. back peddle to the banks of the Potomac for cover!

The Obama administration has tried refining the ‘turn on the screws’ that Bush 43 tried. It has been as unsuccessful; not only that it has ‘outsourced’ US policy to a revanchist South Korean president Lee Myung bak who is itching for war and who fancies himself the man to reunite the divided Korean peninsula.

Lee’s a lame duck president, so he’s a year left to carry out his ‘Drang nach Norden’ scheme.

Keller has praised the neo-con Marcus Noland for his 15 year old article in ‘Foreign Affairs’ explaining why North Korea, instead of collapsing, muddles through.[Noland is a cartoon fancier: here’s an example of his ‘scholarly’ doodling

Noland is a hawk on pushing North Korea to the edge of collapse or war. Still, by dragging up a 15 year old article to make a point today reveals the utter bankruptcy of US North Korea experts.

Much has changed in North Korea since Noland wrote his ‘contrarian article’. Yet, lazy bones Keller has not deigned to seek out other experts like Rudiger Frank

who closely follow change in the DPRK’s economy and society.

Keller simply falls back on old and received wisdom. What else can he do? He writes opinion pieces and travels the world over on the ‘Times’ nickel. His ideas are pedestrian and at best weak tea.

What’s Keller’s prognosis on US North Korea policy: plan for the day after North Korea’s collapse. Ain’t that, GuamDiary asks, simply the red thread running through US policy towards North Korea–which, by the bye, the US is still at war with–for the last 65 years?

Camp followers like Keller are a dime a dozen. What we need are people who won’t shrivel up in fear in engaging in talks with North Korea to end the Korean War through a peace treaty and deal as an adult diplomatically with Pyongyang.

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