UN targeted sanctions against North Korea

The US simply won’t give up. It prevailed on the UN Security Council Committee to add three North Korean state companies to its blacklist: Green Pine Conglomerate, Amroggang Development Banking Corp., and Korea Heungjin Trading Co.


Analysts admit North Korea does play a cat and mouse game with the blacklist. It simply renames companies, to add to the UN’s confusion and America’s frustration.

Foremost in the minds of the architects of US sanctions policy is the ‘success’ of the campaign it led against the US$25.000 in a North Korean account in Macau’s Banco Delta Asia.

Well, it was exactly a success since it put China on the spot, and as we all know, the Bush 43 administration had partially turned over the conduct of its North Korea policy to Beijing. So, to make a bad move, in the end the bank had to turn over the money to Pyongyang. The US manoeuvres lasted many months, but in the end the paltry sum went back to North Korea.

The Bushites claimed ‘victory’, but, in reality, they had egg on their face.

Other companies had graced the UN blacklist, but, oh isn’t this a lovely irony!–they are incorporated, say, in Iran. And given current US UN driven policy towards Tehran, fat chance that these companies will suffer. And besides, the list is porous, so though it might annoy Pyongyang, the full impact of these sanctions remain problematic. But the US still gives it the good, old college try!

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