Cronin’s prescription for North Korea–same old, same old

Security expert Patrick Cronin’s fix for a sagging, lackluster US North Korea policy is more of the same dose of castor oil.

To him, the ‘good cop’ trappings notwithstanding, standing tall, talking tough, and a firm belief that the DPRK understands only rough talk is his way of talking the talk.

It matters little that it is precisely this approach that has landed the US in a military and diplomatic quagmire of its own making.

GuamDiary does not expect any new approach through talks until after the November presidential elections. We are simply agreeing with the obvious consensus.

The 100 years war [actually 138 years] between France and England seems like child’s play compared to the boneheaded US North Korea policy that people like Cronin say is pragmatic but in truth is ideological and based more on wishful thinking than facts. As America is in no hurry to conclude a peace treaty to end the Korean War with the DPRK and China.

In fact, tensions in the divided Korean peninsula admirably serve US and South Korea interests which favour instability and joint military exercises along the NLL to provoke North Korea into renewed warfare.

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