Is the US in decline?

If the US is judged by its steadfast refusal to relieve the burden of student debt, which is now over $1 trillion, and the rush of the 50 states to slash educational budget drastically, as well as the muddle headed decision to barter away public education to private corporations, banks, and hedge funds, yes, the US is in decline.

A plundered economy by the banks and corporate America–owing to the 2008 global ‘recession’–offers college graduates hardly any relief, since the jobs are not there. Yet, the plutocrats clip coupons and laugh all the way to the bank before they go back to gated communities and a life style worthy of decadent Rome.

It is mortgaging its future. The rich or one percent do not want to spend a pauper’s pence on funding education. This refusal is almost the equivalent of Marie Antoinette’s ‘let them eat cake!’

No, revolution from the left is not around the corner, but from the right, it is already showing its reactionary head as the cat’s paw of the wealthiest in corporate America known as ‘the Tea Party’.

A reading of Thomas Mann’s ‘Mario and the Magician’ is instructive: it is the attraction and the fascination of the black tide of incipient fascism, the kind Salazar fashioned in the 1920s.

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