Steve Rattner bard of Finanzkpitalismus

Investment banker Steven Rattner is typical of his breed.

He has come under scrutiny for his part in bilking the New York Pension Fund. He and his confederates in corruption got aaway with murder when prosecuted for their crime by pleading ‘no contest’, a neat way of saying, ‘we got caught, yet got away with the money by a gentle slap on the wrist’.

Now, here’s a man who sings the praise of finance capitalism thievery. Here his philosophy in a nutshell: if a worker loses his job, but JPM loses $us2 billion, using its customers’ savings, well, that how the system works. So, like it or lump it, that’s the game that is a foot in the US.

What he doesn’t say is that the plutocrats like him get to keep their dishonest earnings, whilst the little guy–you or me–get coal in our stocking and get ripped off by every turn of the capitalist weather vane.

And not only that we have to listen to his ‘wisdom’ on another booster of capitalism Charlie Rose.


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