The International Olympic Committee turns down Israel’s move to turn the London Summer Olympics into a propaganda opportunity!

Forty years ago, at the Munich Summer Olympics, Palestinians attacked and killed Israeli athletes in response to the Zionist state’s occupation of Palestinian lands and repression of Palestinians.

Steven Spielberg’s ‘Munich’ tells this sad event, even though Israel criticised the film.

Now, Israel has asked for a moment of silence at the London Summer Olympics [2012], to commemorate the event.

The IOC has sidelined Israel’s request, on the grounds that the event had been honoured at other games and it had officially paid tribute to the memory of the Israelis slain at Munich.

Israel is frustrated by the IOC’s decision. The Zionist state’s openly repressive policies towards the Palestinians under its heavy handed 45 year occupation, the stealing of Palestinian lands for illegal Jewish colonies on the West Bank, and its own bellicose designs on the Middle East play a part in the IOC’s ruling.

The Zionist state’s ploy is brazen and nakedly transparent for its desire to turn the Olympics into a propaganda coup.

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