Threats of more sanctions for North Korea, G-8 meeting warns

Under heavy surveillance and isolated in the confines of Camp David [ex-Shangri la, the US presidential retreat], members of the G-8 warned North Korea of further sanctions in response to further ballistic missile launches and continued development and testing of its nuclear programme.

Yawn! Even the most rabid anti DPRK analyst openly admits that further sanctions wont work, nor bring the DPRK to heel.

Well, these big guns in the world economy go through the motions more to please their own public than truly believing that Pyongyang will bend fully to their collective will. At least, the Obama administration and his client Lee Myung bak regime in South Korea like to think so.

The last thing the US and the rest of the G-8 want is to sit down and talk to North Korea. On one hand, they are afraid the small, ‘failing state’ of North Korea will run rings around them in negotiations and thus leave them with egg on their faces. On the other, meeting at Camp David is proof positive that G-8 fears public opinion and the push of its own citizens to do things differently.

So, what do we have–the US, UK, France, Canada, Russia, Italy, and Japan–despite global economic clout, are acting like a bunch of ‘scared cats’, living with a status quo they hate, but chicken livered enough not to change its diplomatically, yet willing to rattle sabers.

The US is unwilling to own up to the fact that the idiotic, insane diplomacy of George W Bush pushed North Korea to test a nuclear device. By doing so, Pyongyang had a powerful weapon to protect it from American idiocy of resorting to war in the Korean peninsula.

And yet, negotiations are the only way out of the quagmire the US and its allies have to resolve matter with North Korea. Anything short of that will draw out the stalled Korean War into 100 year!

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