Vietnamisation by any other name….

The NATO meeting in Chicago has given birth to mouse of a solution about the 10 year war in Afghanistan.

The coalition will turn over all military functions to the Afghans in 2013, a full year before the announced date of troop countdown in 2014.

Sounds familiar? Nixon came up with the same answers 40 years ago as a way to extricate the US from Vietnam. As you may recall, the policy of Vietnamisation failed as the US ambassador had to make a quick and undignified retreat by helicopter from the embassy roof in April 1975.

Afghanisation will have the same results, even though the Obama administration figures it can squander billions of US tax dollars until 2024! thank you very much on bolstering corrupt rule in Kabul. Not only that, the ‘trusted’ Pakistani allies wont let supplies into Afghanistan through the Khyber Pass.

Opposition to the war in Afghanistan is quite vocal, and the gathering of protesters in the streets of Chicago from the four corners of the world, give witness to that widespread malaise.

US veterans of the Iran and Afghan war literally denounced these wars and went as far as throwing medals away as a public display of rejecting government recognition of their military service and valour.

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