Seen from Pyongyang, the latest US, ROK, and Japanese warnings reveal a spike in bellocity

As GuamDiary already noted, the three monkeys–the US, South Korea, and Japan–are warning yet again North Korea with harsh words and paper mache brick bats and applying more sanctions on Pyongyang.

Looking at the mad triumvirate’s never ending aggressively hostile policy towards the DPRK, it should come as no surprise that Pyongyang responds in harsh languages and draws up end of the world scenarios.

The escalation of US, South Korean, and Japanese threats is proof positive not only of frustration but the weakness of failed polices to engage or overthrown North Korea.

The US’ stupidity during the Bush 43 presidency ‘forced’ North Korea to explode an nuclear device. By doing this, and even though the mad US North Korean clerisy refuses to acknowledge it, North Korea is a nuclear power and a member of the nuclear club of eight.

Moreover, the US North Korean clerisy that advises administrations in Washington is so taken by its superior ignorance of North Korea that in between cocktails they come up with hair raising designs that have no relations with reality.

And the intelligence agencies of these three allies concur: North Korea is their intelligence fiasco.

So, instead of talking to North Korea–who will give them as good as they get [another sign of Washington’s, Seoul’s, and Tokyo’s weakness], they prefer to lean on China to do their dirty work.

And China does not. And they know why, but like the boys these allies are, they are not man enough to negotiate with North Korea.

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