Congress cuts us$33 million in aid to Pakistan for condemning Dr Shakeel Afridi to 33 years in prison

Well, a cut in us$33 million in aid to Pakistan is nothing to worry Islamabad about for sending Afridi to 33 years in the slammer because he worked with the CIA in locating Osama Bin Ladin in Abbotabad.

Pakistan is Washington’s high class whore kept in billion dollar luxury, so a measly few millions less–and it is pathetically less–does not change a life style Islamabad has long grown accustomed to with the tonnes of US taxpayer dollars that deprive those very Americans from necessary social and economic services they need at home.

Congress may feel ‘vindicted’ by this expression of ‘spleen’, right!

However, and here we come to the idiocy of US secret missions abroad: you would have ‘thunk’ the CIA would have offered ‘cover’ to the man instrumental in locating the whereabouts of Bin Laden.

Well, they might have, but 33 years in prison proves they didn’t try hard. A handful of dollars and then a thank you very much and a long prison term.

If this is America’s ‘modus operandi’, then why should anyone else agree in the future to help US spooks?

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