On the eve of the 2 anniversary of the the ‘Mavi Mamara’, Turkey moves to indict 4 top Israeli military

Two years ago, the Israeli Defence Force descended like a plague of locusts on the Turkish vessel ‘The Mavi Mamara’ killing nine, including a US citizen.

The Turkish ship belonged to a peace flotilla carrying building materials, pharmaceuticals, and the like, to the people of Gaza long held captive by a unilateral blockade imposed by Israel.

Israel’s attack was over the top, an apt description of the Zionist state’s attitude and policy towards anyone who challenges its image of itself.

The world’s reaction was immediate; it was one of horror. Turkey, Israel’s only Muslim ally, downgraded its ties and began openly criticising Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people.

The UN commissioned a panel to investigate the incident, headed by the renowned South African jurist Richard Goldstein, himself a Zionist. The report bearing his name, even handed as it was, in spite of Israeli’s wall of silence, put the blame on Israel.

‘Bibi Netenyahu’s immediate riposte was to violently condemn the Goldstein report as biased, to say the least. Barak Obama questioned its fairness and the Zionist propaganda machine went into overdrive to discredit the report, with mitigated success. Ultimately, it got to Judge Goldstein himself as a Jew; he distanced himself from his own report but the facts spoke themselves.

Now, Turkish courts will indict retired chief of staff of the Israeli army Gabi Ashkenazi, former naval forces commander vice admiral Eliezer Marom, ex military intelligence chief major gen. Amos Yadlin, and former head of air force intelligence brig. gen. Avishai Levy. All four, if convicted [unlikely since they wont dare face justice in Turkey], will spend 18.000 years in prison.

The Zionist state cannot escape its sins for crimes committed in international waters. Israel, had it not the backing of the US, its proconsul, could never stand as arrogant and bullying as it does today.

Biblical history shows a ‘Jewish’ state could not exist in the Middle East without the backing of a larger power–be it Roman or American.0.

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