US military parachuted into North Korea, AFP report

The news wires are crackling with reports that a joint US South Korean special forces team parachuted undetected into North Korea to ‘observe’ tunnels the DPRK tunnels under the DMZ.

US paratroopers are dropped by a US airforce C17 (not pictured) during a training exercise over Maniago

You can blame brig.gen. Neil Tolley for bruiting the exploit, which ‘The Diplomat’ picked up and printed his remarks.

They were immediately and strongly denied by a public affairs of officer for US forces in Korea.

Well, here we are again. A general who cannot keep his mouth shut. The US caught with its pants down. It is to be expected, isn’t it?

Since Bush 43 and Obama 44, two ‘macho’ US presidents, have pursued an unforgiving and hostile policy towards North Korea, yoked to a revanchist programme of South Korea’s Lee Myung bak, the dangers of provoking the DPRK into military actions is on the drawing boards.

We already had a taste of US ROK provocation in November 2010 when South Korean shells landed in North Korean territorial waters along the NLL where the US and South Korea have stepped up joint military operations–air and naval–with live ammo.

The North Koreans had warned the Washington and Seoul beforehand that it would reply in kind if its territory was violated; it did and the the world shook in fear lest the Korean War would start anew after a 57 year hiatus since the signing of an armistice agreement in 1953.

Now the US and South Korea are at it again. The tunnels are a smoke screen since yea these 60 odd years tunnels have been found again and again. And imminent invasion of the South by the North predicted on flimsy intelligence.

Parachuting in North Korea along the DMZ is a dangerous step since the DPRK keeps a million over military on full alert there, fearing an invasion by the US and its aftermath as the US led UN troops did in 1950.

Yet, the danger of war doesn’t phase the gung ho US military nor the US North Korea clerisy who advise them: mission ‘rollback’ North Korea is their motto. And alas, for the moment, they are calling the tune.

They assume untested, young Kim Jung eun is a pushover. But they take the tree for the forest and that forest is the history of North Korea, its military and its people, and of course, its nuclear programme.

We’re dealing with  ‘Seven days in May’ and ‘Stranglove’ thinking in the highest levels of the US government. And the disastrous wars in Iran and Afghanistan have taught the ‘thinkers, leaders, and generals’ nothing, it seems.

Nonetheless, they all have big mouths and are braggarts: so a leak here, a slipped word there brings the house down around their block heads, and for a while the boiling of the kettle of war in the divided Korean peninsula is taken off the fire.

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