Syria and Israel, Assad and Netenyahu

The world reacts with horror at the news of the killings at Homs. Assad’s formula for dealing with his people who want a change is violent. And yet, the world’s reaction to Israel’s ‘cast lead’ an undeclared war against the people of Gaza and its 44 year occupation of the Palestinian West Bank bring hardly a ripple of protest, especially from the 77 countries who have unceremoniously booted Syrian diplomats out of their countries.

And Yet, Netenyahu is as violent and purposeful as Assad, but he escapes the world’s condemnation as a ‘monster’. He is pursuing a long term strategy of what the Nazi’s called ‘Lebensraum’ in conquered countries of Central and Eastern Europe during world war 2, to make room for his colony of supermen and women.


The Zionist state is pursuing the same policy: today it is called ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Palestinian lands so that illegal land grabs and settlement of Jewish settlers can move in.

Israel gets away with its artful dodging of civilised laws and behaviour because its proconsul the US backs its policies, the mealy mouth warnings to temper bad boy antics notwithstanding.

So what’s wrong for Assad is right for Netenyahu. So where is the rule of law and order? In other words, to paraphrase FD Roosevelt when he spoke in defence of the Nicaraguan dictator, ‘he’s our bastard’, meaning leave him alone, he’s our boy.

In the end it comes down to the man who carries the big stick. Assad does but he’s not ‘kosher’, whilst Netenyahu can get away with slowly eradicating any semblance of a Palestinian state and casting forth Palestinians onto the world as ‘wandering Jews’.

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