Mitt Romney’s ‘Amercia’

‘Amercia’ is how America is spelt on Mitt Romney’s new ipod app…’A new Amercia’.

For some, it brought smirks, gaffaws, and shrugs. For other, it was emblematic of the dumbing down of America’s monied elite. Still for others, it was a Freudian slip: yep, the growing cancer of the CIA infiltration in every corner of American life.

The law is formal: the CIA is forbidden to ‘operate’ on American territory. Not since the early days of the Cold War have the spooks operated so widely and with a free hand in the lives of Americans.

‘Ramparts’ broke the story of how deep the CIA had recruited, corrupted, and distorted American student and youth organisations; bought of labour unions, and floated prominent notable national leaders across the political spectrum, including the far Left, not to leave out the speedy access of ph.d. candidates who willingly and wittingly ‘cooperated’ with spooks, delivered up on platers the inner thoughts of foreign students who may have a bright future as leaders in their homeland as source of furthering the aims of US foreign policy, so on and on.

And today, we’re back to square one. So, for the likes of Mitt Romney who will do anything to become president, the CIAing of America is something–typo or not–good for the country and for the plutocrats he represents.

Sign of the times? A larger dollop of decline and decadence, for sure!

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