Brig. Gen. Neil Tolley gets the boot

The Obama administration is so obsessed by ‘leaks’ sprung in the ship of state, yet it, like administrations before it, could not control its diplomats or military from shooting off their mouths.

Tolley is a case in point. He boasted that special US and ROK forces parachuted behind North Korean lines undetected to spot unknown tunnels the DPRK had dug in order to infiltrate South Korea.

For his troubles, he was rightfully relieved of his command. His loose tongue might have started a way–a preemptive strike against an independent nation! We all know where that led to by Bush’s war in Iraq.

So, good riddance to Tolley. And yet, the Pentagon and State Department are rife with people that think like Tolley, and were they unleashed, wouldn’t think twice by invading the DPRK.

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