China ‘stages river crossing drill near North Korea

The South Korea press is having a field day with the news that Beijing has staged river crossing drill near the DPRK, report Agence France Presse.

Reading the ROK press you’d think a national holiday had been proclaimed. China’s drill portends a collapse of North Korea which would result in a torrent of refugees into China. And so, Pyongyang’s ally is preparing to force them back, etc. etc. etc.

Another way of looking at such exercises is a response to US and its ally South Korea’s to create a warlike atmosphere to attack North Korea.

Any invasion of North Korea by the US and ROK would lead to Chinese intervention as it did during the Korean War 62 years ago.

Blabber mouth brig. gen. Neil Tolley’s boast that US and South Korean special forces secretly parachuted into North Korea near the DMZ surely put Pyongyang and Beijing on the ‘qui vive’.

North Korea already warned Washington and Seoul that it won’t be provoked into starting a war. And now, China’s military exercise is a further warning that Beijing won’t brook US and South Korean provocations.

It is useful to recall that North Korean and Chinese volunteers rolled back US-led UN troops from the Yalu until the DMZ at a moment big mouth Douglas Macarthur had boasted that the Korean War would be over by Christmas 1950.

The war ended in a stalemate through an armistice in July 1953, and in the final outcome, the US and its allies and South Koreans suffered much death and destruction.

The US has never gotten over its humiliation by not winning the war against Communism and South Korea by refusing to sign the armistice remains in an active state of war with the North.

More aggressive tacks by these two allies have heightened the risk of war for the past 12 years. Thus, China, as is its wont, always alerts its adversaries before taking action. Now, 62 years later the US still has not learnt its lesson, it seems.

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