US & South Korea try to provoke North Korea

It took Washington some time to relieve Army Brigadier General Neil Tolley of his command. The Barack Obama administration, so touchy on leaks, did not have to go far to find another one in the case of Tolley. There has to be something in the military’s DNA that makes them crow about thumbing the US’s nose at North Korea. Arrogance plays its part no doubt, partly.

On the other hand, as the “Times” man in Seoul reported yesterday, Pyongyang has issued a statement saying it will not be pushed into initiating warlike actions. It has been more than obvious, and notably since the sinking of the Cheonan, that both the US and its South Korean ally have been smarting for a “battle” with the North.

When North Korea did respond to live ammo falling on its territory during joint US-South Korean exercises along the NLL [Northern Limit Line] in November 2010, the Obama administration had to stay Seoul’s hand from opening a new front in the Korean War. Now, both Washington and Seoul are looking for a fight once more, but Pyongyang won’t allow them to brand it the casus belli.

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