Hillary Clinton’s long fire at North Korea

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has more testosterone than most men. She spits lead when she attacks her ‘enemies’.

North Korea is very much in her sights. She sternly lectured Kim Jung eun on how he should run his country. No guns, but butter.

Well that’s all well and go, but she uses ‘butter’ as a political gun to further increase starvation in the DPRK by without holding food aid that the US has denied North Korea since 2008.

As for the ‘guns’, conveniently, the good woman of Foggy Bottom, forgets that the US is still at war with North Korea since 1950, an armistice agreement notwithstanding.

So when Pyongyang tells Clinton to shut her mouth, it has the right as an independent and sovereign nation. Not only that, it could very well turn the tables on her by pointing out the rising level of malnutrition and criminality in the US, the collapse of social networks and growing defaults of cities and states, as well as the US spending more on ‘guns’ than on ‘butter’ as unemployment and pauperisation become more firmly entrenched in America.

The Obama administration has opted to ‘rollback’ Pyongyang until it collapses under its own weight by all means necessary.

For those of us with no memory, a quick trip to a book of photography of the US’ aerial bombing of North Korea [1950-1953] should explain why the DPRK keeps a military first policy, alarge standing army and has developed a nuclear programme.

Not only that, the US has coordinated its policy towards North Korea with the revanchist South Korean president Lee Myung bak who fancies himself the unifier of a divided Korean peninsula as he prosecutes by one means or another the war against the North. [Never, good read, lose sight that Seoul never signed the 1953 armistice agreement! In consequent, it is actively pursuing the Korean War against North Korea.]

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