North Korean children taught to hate the US, AFP reports

An ‘Agence France Presse’ release, on the eve of the outbreak of the 62 anniversary of the Korean War, talks of young North Korean children learning to ‘hate’ the US.

The pr does not nothing to alert the reader that US bombing raids and US-led coalition of UN troops ravaged and destroyed most of thee DPRK’s infrastructure during that war.

The curious eye examining pictures of those days –1950-1953–would find that North Korea had been turned into a lunar landscape. And given the current US policy, it is not a wonder that the North Korean leadership fears open hostilities by the US and its South Korean ally today. [South Korea never signed the 1953 Armistice Agreement.]

After 62, the US is in no mood towards ending the war by signing a peace treaty. Rather, current US policy has reverted to the failed strategy of rollback which miserably failed during the Korean War, as its current policy today.

So, the current endless joint military exercises by US and South Korean forces on North Korean land and sea borders have one purpose: psychological warfare against, and flaming panic of war in North Korea.

Therefore, it is little wonder young children are taught to hate the US. By its warlike actions, the US is acting in a way which sends out loud and clear a message that by hook or by crook, it is going to topple North Korea [and destroy the country].

Don’t expect AFP release putting finer points on the matter. Everything is in black and white. North Korea bad, US good. But the truth lies elsewhere and it is not difficult to find if you’re interested in finding it out!

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