Disney’s Mickey and Stallone’s Rocky on North Korean telly

The media are having a field day with Mickey and Rocky on North Korea’s telly, without really trying to fathom the winds of change blowing culturally and economically in the DPRK, to say the least.

Oceans of ink flowed when it came to mocking Kim Jung il’s fascination with American cinema. The ‘Dear Leader’, like Sihanouk of Cambodia [also a comic figure for US media], took a serious interest in the art of film making.

Now, his son and heir, the young Kim Jung eun has brought out into the open a shift in a flowering of culture and an openness not expressed before. This should tell us something, but few pundits have picked up on the changes occurring in North Korea.

[Kim Jong Il Talks Film and Filmmaking, In His Own Words

Kim Jong Il

The Huffington Post    First Posted: 12/19/11 07:19 AM ET Updated: 12/19/11 08:29 AM ET]

The former Soviet Korea expert Andrei Lankov wrote of ‘pools of prosperity’ in the DPRK; he went on to suggest that near starvation conditions in the countryside was a campaign by NGOS to conflate their importance through exaggerating real conditions on the ground. You have to wonder what is the ‘learned doct’ is sniffing?

It is about time serious writing and reporting on North Korea be done; leave the axes to grind and the black art of propaganda behind, and begin covering North Korea with the seriousness it deserves.

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