Kim Jung eun appears in public with his wife

‘We know hardly anything about Kim Jung eun’ heralded the world’s media hardly eight months ago. And in the main these words remain true.

Now, we know he’s married, has a baby daughter, and his wife is a ph.d.

Now, we, also know, that the young leader of North Korea has signaled a cultural opening to his people, especially the young that the ‘hermit’ DPRK is welcoming change as befits style, entertainment, and the economy, yet is not letting its military guard down a whit the for simple reason the country has been at war since 1950, and long suffering for the signing of a peace treaty which neither the US nor South Korea are willing to reach!

The ‘New York Times’ might comment, say, that the hemlines of women police in Pyongyang are a tad higher, without drawing the obvious conclusion that so slight a change is a bellwether of other changes to come.

A young leader is breathing new life into the DPRK which his grey bread senior leadership are going along with. And that says volumes.

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