Judith Miller

What more can one about former ‘New York Times’ journalist Judith Miller?

She shot herself in the foot on the Iraq War, snookered by the Bush illegal war against Hussein. Her willingness to peddle the Bush White House blackened forever her reputation.

Nonetheless, when ‘Times’ bureau chief in Cairo, she wrote an interesting book–‘God has 99 names’. [For the less familiar with the significance of 99, Allah has 99 attributes.] Its the chapter on Israel that should have drawn our attention.

Miller spoke of the rise of Muslim fanaticism, but she also put her finger on what has become more and more evident in ‘democratic’ Israel the growing influence of Jewish extremism and the call for the complete imposition of Jewish equivalent of Islamic Shari’a–the Torah and the Talmud.

We can see the groundswell of the growing demographic strength of the ultra orthodox in the push for no longer exempting the growing army of ‘rabbis’ who refuse to service in the military.

Even if national service is not the issue, the viper of racism against Israeli Arabs, Palestinian Arabs and Christians, and secular Israelis.

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