Is the US in the joyful throes of Kim Jung eun fever?

Hardly. Still, the stale news that Kim Jung eun has taken a wife has brought a bubbly smile to White House spokeswoman Victoria Nuland’s lips when she wished the newlyweds America’s congratulations on this happy events.

She soon returned to message by iterating for the nth time US concerns for the welfare and health of the undernourished North Koreans–a state of being partly owing to Mother Nature’s foul temperament and partly to the Obama administration’s use of food aid as a political weapon.

In fact, Ri has in her own way in the western media is having her Kate Middleton moment! Well, fickle is the global press, one moment attacking North Korea as a bat out of hell and at another moment as a land of Cinderella surprises! Won’t wonders never cease?

And then there a long spread in today’s ‘New York Times Online’ on ‘That Mystery Woman in North Korea? Turns Out She’s First Lady’.

The ‘Times’ editorials are hardly the stuff to win hearts and minds of North Korea’s leadership. Still, weddings do ever so thaw Cold War hearts for a nano second.

Despite the nose to page with a high powered magnifying glass, the US North Korea clerisy, among which the ‘Times’ rubs elbows, have gone to dismissal of the young DPRK marshal Kim to begrudging acknowledgment that he is not pushover and is a young man of the 21 century and full of surprises.

Still the National Bureau of Asian Research labels the DPRK as “an extremely marginalized country”. Have they not been reading the global media yea these many years, especially since North Korea has forced the doors open to the world’s nuclear club, thanks to the idiocy of George W. Bush’s policies.

DPRK’s first lady is Ri Sol ju, mother of the young marshal’s baby girl. Ri is no light weight and holds a doctorate from Kim Il Sung University.

GuamDiary joins in the swelling chorus of well wishers on the West’s announcement of her marriage.

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