Kim Jung eun gives US North Korean clerisy more wool to thread

Dismissed at first by the US North Korean clerisy as a mere kid, wet behind the ears and easy pray to the party nomenclature, Kim Jung eun never ceases to surprise North Korean watchers.

The surprise is so stunning  after merely soon eighth months at the helm of the the DPRK, some ‘scholars’ are depicting him as a rightful heir to Kim Jung il, in his blood thirstiness. How much can we rely on the judgment of these Pyongyongologists who cannot tell a black thread from a white one at the dawn of Kim Jung eun’s leadership?

The US North Korean clerisy has much to do to catch up with the winds of change that are sweeping North Korea, the least being a young wife with a ph.d.

Although much is not known of Kim’s early life, there is enough there to tell us something: he is well schooled in North Korea as well as in Switzerland. He is no stranger to the outside world, speaks or understands many languages, and is wise to things of the western world. That at least should inform the US North Korean clerisy that he is not exactly formed in the hoary mould they are use to examining with laser like intensity.

They make guffaw at the generalissimo’s call on Mickey Mouse but the message is clear: North Korea is signaling a change to dredge its faltering economy from the morass it is in, without letting its guard down against the US and South Korea who are desperately trying to push the DPRK over the cliff to ruin and destruction.

It is interesting to also note that former Soviet trained Korea pooh bahs are equally leading the pack of critics of North Korea. They dwell in a time more suitable to Proust’s ‘Remembrance of things past’ than of what’s happening on the ground in North Korea today.

These ‘Russkis’ writhe in their contempt for the plain and simple truth North Korea is not going the way the old Soviet Union and people’s democracies went to their grave.

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