Russia and China torpedo US effort for Iran sanctions


US secretary of state Hillary Clinton made a passionate speech calling for the tyrant Bashir al Assad to step down at a meeting in Germany. She, along with her French ally and the Arab League, thought by tweaking a much rewritten resolution calling for the Syrian president’s withdrawal from power, among other items, Russia who, from the word go, opposed any such step, would roll over and sign on to the seemingly modified resolution which, in essence, called for regime change in Syria.

Clinton & co. saw a red lining of hope on the eve of the vote in the UN Security Council, Russia had not suggested further emendations. But the Russkis fooled her. Russia, joined by China, cast a veto killing the resolution.
The US can huff and puff all they want, but they’ve little cause to complain: simply look at the number of vetoes they used when it was question of condemning Israel!
America does not take rebuffs lightly, yet, like it or not, they may think that they are the cock of the walk but, in truth, they do not always get their way.
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